ISO 10004:2018 (Customer Satisfaction Quality Management System)

ISO 10004:2018

This document gives guidelines for defining and implementing processes to monitor and measure customer satisfaction.

This document is intended for use by any organization regardless of its type or size, or the products and services it provides. The focus of this document is on customers external to the organization.

NOTE Throughout this document, the terms “product” and “service” refer to the outputs of an organization that are intended for, or required by, a customer.

BENEFITS OF ISO 10004:2018

  1. Obtain information on new expectation.
  2. Resolving complaints to the satisfaction of the complainant and the organization.
  3. Identify trends and therewith eliminate causes of complaints.
  4. Customer-focused approach to resolving complaints.
  5. Encourage personnel to improve their skills in working with customers.
  6. Identify customer expectations.


  1. Introduction & Scope
  2. References
  3. Terms & Condition
  4. Concepts and guiding principals
  5. Framework for monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction
  6. Planning, Design and Development
  7. Operation
  8. Maintenance & Improvement Annexure

Annex A-Interrelationship of ISO 10001, 10002, ISO 10003 and 10004.

Annex B-Conceptual model of customer satisfaction.

Annex C-Identification of customer expectations.

Annex D-Direct measurement of customer satisfaction.

Annex E- Analysis of customer satisfaction data.

Annex F-Using customer satisfaction information.

Annex G-Responses

Annex H- Escalation flowchart

Annex I- Continual monitoring

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